Sponsor Gwen Our Essex Red Tail Hawk

Gwen the Red-Tailed Hawk, arrived after her elderly owner could no longer care for her. However, her accommodation prior to arriving was less than ideal. She spent most of her life before Hopefield in a 5ft x 5ft aviary, with a little hatch that her owner would post her food through. She has feathers missing on her forehead from a recurring stress-induced injury, where she would bash her head in an attempt to fly around. Today, Gwen has a HUGE enclosure, with plenty of space to fly around, as she would do in the wild. She loves sitting at the front of her enclosure, watching staff, volunteers and visitors go by, and will sometimes call out to them to say hello! Whilst we love our birds of prey, they belong in the wild. Unfortunately, the birds we have in our care cannot be released as they’re either not native to the UK, or would not survive on their own.

Gwen the Red-Tailed Hawk