Meet Hopefield's Ambassadors.


"Hopefield Animal Sanctuary provides a safe place for abandoned and mistreated animals. They educate the local & afar communities on animal welfare and I'm honoured to be partnering with them to spread their message and save animals in need."

new ambassador Zayn Malik where to see animals in Essex


"I am absolutely thrilled to be announced as an ambassador of Hopefield Animal Sanctuary. The first time I visited Hopefield I was struck by the magic of the sanctuary, all of the animals' lives that have been saved there, and the hope that filled the air. Hopefield gives abused, neglected and unwanted animals their forever home, right in my home county of Essex. They work tirelessly to improve the lives of their residents and I cannot wait to help them in their missions. Hope to see you down there soon!"


“As a huge animal lover when Leona told me about the work that they are doing at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary I immediately jumped at the chance to help support. The passion that I felt from Leona was immense and the way she described some of the individual rescue stories to me has made a huge impact. They provide a safe home for over 500 animals on 53 acres in Essex and are positively changing the lives of animals that would otherwise have very different stories. I am excited to be an ambassador for them and help bring awareness to their work. Leona can’t do this alone and will need help from others who also love animals. Any support will be much appreciated and will make a difference.”


"I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel the world with my music, which has allowed me to meet and interact with people and animals from all over. This global focus is something Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in England embodies as well by caring for so many mistreated, neglected and sick animals from all around the world. They actively work to raise awareness for better animal welfare worldwide, and that is something that resonates deeply with me. I'm honored to be an ambassador for such an amazing cause."


The work that Hopefield Animal Sanctuary does is simply amazing- the way they impact animal lives in such a transformative and positive way, giving abused, mistreated and sick animals a forever home makes me feel so proud to be involved. I needed to be a part of the work that they do. I’m so happy Leona brought this special place to my attention and I can’t wait to let my fans worldwide get to know more about them.


"I am very proud to be an ambassador for Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in the UK. They have been rescuing unwanted and mistreated animals in need for over 30 years, giving them a safe loving home and the medical attention they need. Leona has been telling me about them and their mission for years. As a sanctuary they do rely on public support so i wanted to lend my voice to help raise awareness of this magical place and the great work they are trying to do."

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