Meet our beautiful
Hopefield residents

Meet just some of our 600+ rescued animals. Sadly, not all of them are on public display anymore (except for 6 days a year) due to us making the decision not to apply for our zoo license. You can read our full statement from 30th January 2023 here.

Arlo & Oakley the Jersey Cows

Destined for slaughter, these babies came to us after our friends at The Retreat Animal Rescue contacted us to enquire if we had space for them.
When Ned arrived our staff were shocked by his state. After they learnt about Bella, they all put money together to save her too and then a few months later Peggy was born.
Came to Hopefield as her previous owner was rushed into hospital, and could no longer look after her.
Charlie arrived at the sanctuary in May 2016 at just 9 weeks old, after managers, Dave & Lianne, received a phone call from a lady who’d found him caught in their fence.
In 2017, we received a call from an older gentleman informing us that his friend’s widow had lots of birds of prey that she could no longer care for. We immediately stepped in and offered our help to her.
Little Jet arrived at the sanctuary after a kind lady and her daughter had found him, dumped in carrier bag next to a road. Thankfully they stopped and found this beautiful boy.
When Juliet arrived at Hopefield she was just skin and bone but now she’s grown into the stunning horse you can see at Hopefield today.
Simba, Nala, Sarabi, Kamari, Timon, Pumbaa, and Scar arrived at the sanctuary in June 2019 after being found dumped in a box on the side of a dual carriageway.
She was rescued back in 2014 after being found with other horses who’d been left to starve to death over winter. Thankfully, she made a full recovery and now loves a fuss from people!
Their owner tragically passed away in a car accident, and these old girls were at risk of being put to sleep if they weren’t found a new home.
He has a big personality, is very nosey and LOVES food! You can see him using his long snout and claws to get the tasty sweet potato and apple, hidden by Lianne, out of a kong!
This poor baby was sentenced to death after nobody came forward to claim him from the pound he was in. At just 8 months old, we couldn’t bear to let that happen.
He arrived in July 2021, after his owner sadly passed away, and the family could no longer keep him, and wanted him to be able to interact with other birds.
Meet Ursula, Stitch, Flora, BB, Lo, Widget and Po. In April 2019 we rescued 15 lambs from a farm.

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