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Sponsorships for an animal here at Hopefield are just £30 per year, and 100% of this goes towards keeping the animals fed, sheltered and showered with love! In return for your generous sponsorship you will receive a wonderful sponsorship pack all about your animal and the work we do here at Hopefield. 

Bonnie & Pumpkin

These gentle giants can eat a whopping 75kg of grass EVERY day – it’s a good thing they’ve got such a huge space at the sanctuary!
Chewie is such a happy alpaca and loves being with all the others. He loves grated carrot and sugar beet!
You can find our beautiful reindeer, Dancer, Holly and Comet, roaming around, or coming up to the fence to say hello because they think you have a treat for them!
Harmony is only 2 years old and we have given her a peaceful and loving home for life. She can live free and in the company of other horses for up to another 30 years!
Hazel was handed into the sanctuary as a tiny baby – she had got confused and run up someone’s trouser leg.
Jack’s a very small breed of cow (dexter), who would usually be used in the meat industry. He’s a friendly and curious fellow, who is fascinated with the cats!
He’s such a cheeky character, and his favourite thing to do is play with his roller ball. He also loves rolling around in puddles, and greeting everyone when they come over to his paddock!
Little Tan is such a cheeky little pony and loves to be groomed by people and is especially good with children when the sanctuary holds grooming days.
He has always been a bit naughty when it comes to doing as he is told but the other raccoons keep him in check when he gets too excitable.


Ned is the cheekiest donkey at Hopefield! He was saved from a traveller’s site when he was being advertised for sale in a poor condition.
Percy the Red Iguana came to us in September 2017, along with a Snowy Owl, two Kestrels and a Kookaburra, after their elderly owner passed away.
Peter Pan was rescued by a police officer on a site visit. Out in the field he likes to keep himself to himself but does like the occasional play with his friend Finn.
Rocket was living in someone’s house like a dog, sleeping in the bed and playing with the owner. Rocket loves his friends Rowan, Yoshi and Yuki who he lives with at Hopefield.
Simon joined the Hopefield family, when we received a call from a gentleman who had bought some sheep to graze his land, not realising that one was pregnant.
Tiki is such a crazy bird. He came from a home who had adopted him from another large organisation but circumstances changed and they couldn’t give him the time he needed.
She loves affection from the public and will often jump on your shoulder for a cuddle. She also loves to sit on the desk while people are writing and demands attention!
Tyler was found on a site with 200 other horses, they had been left to starve and were in a terrible condition.

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