Bruce The French Bulldog

Bruce came to use after his foster home fell through, when he bit the parent of his foster-carer. He ended up back at Happy Endings Rescue, and when we went to collect Tubs & Shy the meerkats, they asked if we would be able to provide him with a forever home at the sanctuary. Bruce is settling in really well, and has made lots of friends with the staff and animals! He loves to spend the morning following Lianne around while she completes her duties, although he can get a bit excited when it comes to the foxes and tanukis. He also loves to watch Hazel the squirrel. Bruce then has an evening walk with the other dogs, around the fields, checking all the horses are behaving themselves! He’s a very nosey chap and has to check up on everything, but he has so much love to give, and we think he’ll be very happy in his new home with us.


When Ned arrived our staff were shocked by his state. After they learnt about Bella, they all put money together to save her too and then a few months later Peggy was born.
Came to Hopefield as her previous owner was rushed into hospital, and could no longer look after her.

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