The tragic reality of fireworks: RIP Oleg and Herman

We lost two of our cheekiest characters at the weekend in the most senseless of ways…
It is with broken hearts that we have to inform you that we lost Oleg and Herman the Marmosets at the weekend. They quite literally died of fright thanks to fireworks being continuously let off next to our sanctuary: a place that should be a peaceful haven for animals, many of which have already faced trauma in their pre-Hopefield lives. Not only did we lose Oleg and Herman in the most senseless of circumstances, but they have left behind Jimbo, their third family member. This bonded trio were everything to one another, and we now face the quite significant possibility of losing Jimbo to his grief. He is beside himself with sadness, and anyone who thinks that pretty lights in the sky are more important than an animal’s life should come and see Jimbo crying for his loved ones.


fireworks where to see animals in Essex
We had been highlighting in the lead up to Bonfire Night the necessity to be respectful of letting of loud fireworks near livestock, and had already shared the sad story of our beautiful horse, Popkei, who also died as a result of fright from the fireworks back in 2019.


Thank you to everyone for your kind, supportive words. We don’t really have much we can say in public, however, in response to the comments suggesting that our ‘neighbours should to do what they want as fireworks are traditional.’ We never asked for anyone not to enjoy displays, we just asked they didn’t do it near the sanctuary and to attend organised events that complied with guidelines. That was not a big ask.
fireworks where to see animals in Essex
If anyone would like to help towards Jimbo’s care then we do have him on our sponsorship list.


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