Rabbit Renovation Campaign

Rabbit Renovation Campaign

This #NationalPetMonth we’re asking for your help to renovate our 10-year old outdoor bunny runs! 💙🐰

We’re looking to raise a total of £5,000 to provide our 22 rescue rabbits with brand new areas that they can enjoy during the warm, sunny months, whilst encouraging them to use natural behaviours such as digging, foraging, and of course, lots of binkies! 🥰

By donating to our Rabbit Renovation Campaign, you will be helping bunnies like Timon, Pumbaa, Nala, Scar, Sarabi, Kamari and Simba who were dumped in a box on the side of a busy dual carriageway, or Fudge & Clover who were saved from being fed to Jack Russells 😢

And for anyone who sponsors Nibbles between 1st April - 2nd May, the proceeds of the sponsorship fee will be put towards this campaign: www.hopefield.org.uk/animals/nibbles

If you’re unable to support this campaign financially, there’s plenty of other ways you can get involved:

🐾 Help with the construction of the new enclosures e.g. building (carpentry), painting

🐾 Create enrichment for the bunnies

🐾 Share this campaign with friends, families, and businesses

Donate here ➡️ https://gofund.me/9b123ca1