Peter & Benjamin Update

Peter & Benjamin Update

You may remember on Monday 19th April we welcomed in these 2 little bunnies Peter and Benjamin!

These poor boys were left abandoned in a cardboard box - an upsetting and common occurrence at the moment. Despite how they ended up in our care, they are both such gentle and loving bunnies! They are currently being fostered by our lovely office manager, Sophie, who has been giving us daily updates and lots of cute photos!

Peter is slightly more shy than Benjamin but is still full of character! Both bunnies love to explore the run in the garden or lay in their giant tubes! Grazing is a must for these little guys and they can often be found munching on tasty grass. Benjamin, the cheekiest of the pair, often makes a beeline for his treats when he catches sight of them!

Peter arrived with a large number of bite wounds on his back, but after a trip to the vets last Friday it was confirmed that they’re healing nicely and are not infected.

Thank you Sophie for your dedication on rehabilitating these beautiful bunnies and for all the love and cuddles you’ve given them over the last few weeks. They’ll be joining us at the sanctuary as permanent residents very soon, and they’ll continue to be surrounded with love, care and lots of fuss!

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