National Pet Month - Why raccoons make bad pets

National Pet Month - Why raccoons make bad pets

Here at Hopefield we’re home to 7 raccoons. Some have come to us from mobile zoos, others were being kept as pets, but due to a number of reasons, have now ended up in the care of the sanctuary 🦝

Although they might look super cute, these animals should never be kept as pets. They’re wild animals, native to North America, and can be incredibly destructive and aggressive.

When kept in captivity, they can become stir crazy and easily agitated. Raccoons usually have a territory of around 1 mile in diameter, far exceeding what most people can provide in a home environment 🐾

These creatures are also nocturnal, which means they’re most active during the night. This can be a problem for them when kept in captivity, as they’re exposed to copious amounts of light during the day, making them uncomfortable.

At Hopefield we actively campaign against the exotic pet trade, and firmly believe that animals such as raccoons, should never live their lives in captivity ❌

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