National Pet Month - Why African Greys make bad pets

National Pet Month - Why African Greys make bad pets

These incredible birds are extremely intellectual and need constant stimulation to ensure they do not get bored. They may bond with you, but reject and attack other people.

Greys thrive off routine so will require consistency - a small change in their day-to-day runnings can cause them to harm themselves by plucking at their feathers, causing injuries that, without treatment, can get infected.

Like people, no two birds are the same which makes it difficult when judging their temperaments. They need lots of space, natural light, and also nutritious food to cater for their specific requirements - one bag could cost in excess of £100.

African Greys are also incredibly social birds, so need interaction with other birds of the same species. Isolation can cause behavioural and mental issues, including insanity.

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