Meet Daniel and Derek the Polish Chickens

These two handsome boys can now Cock-A-Doodle-Do all they like now they’re here at Hopefield.
Meet Daniel and Derek! These handsome Polish chickens were dumped at the sanctuary recently because their owner had bred them and subsequently had issues with the neighbours because they were too noisy. They are now living in our mixed aviary along with Chloe and Rio our peacocks, and Bruce the Goose, and proving to be two very friendly chaps indeed.
PSA: Please do not breed pets without thinking of all foreseeable pros and cons. If you breed chickens the odds are there WILL be roosters, and they WILL make a noise. If you don’t have the right environment for roosters then don’t hatch eggs = simple. Sanctuaries and rescues are full to the brim with chickens, especially males, and we dread to think what happens to those we, and others, don’t have the space for.
Anyway, welcome to your forever home, Daniel and Derek!
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