Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day!

Today we are celebrating General Manager, Lianne, and her incredible strength, passion, dedication to looking after animals, and heart of gold!

A lot of you will know our wonderful Lianne from your visits to the sanctuary. She does an incredible job of running the day to day operations at Hopefield. She dedicates a lot of her time and energy into everything to do with the sanctuary; from managing the volunteer team to forming special bonds with all our animals. She's not afraid of getting stuck in and will do whatever it takes to make sure our animals are happy and healthy.

Lianne has been working at Hopefield for over 16 years and started here when she was just 18. From a young girl, she'd always dreamt of working with animals and fell in love with the sanctuary after moving from London to Essex. One of our founders, Paula, gave Lianne an opportunity to work alongside her at the sanctuary. Her natural ability and tireless dedication to the cause saw her become an integral part of the Hopefield team.

Years later, when Paula became ill, she asked the management team to promise to look after the sanctuary. Lianne has more than lived up to that promise and transformed the lives of countless rescue animals, making Hopefield the brilliant sanctuary that it is today.

Hopefield Trustee, Leona Lewis, says “Lianne is the definition of a superwoman! She gives her whole life to the animals at Hopefield and will do anything for an animal in need. Her love and kindness is boundless and she is a total inspiration to all of us. I love that we can celebrate her today and all of her amazing work at Hopefield.”

We are all so proud of Lianne and everything she does for Hopefield, and we know that Paula and Ernie are too.