Claire's Injury (TW: Graphic Images)

Claire's Injury (TW: Graphic Images)

TW Graphic Images

At Hopefield we home 3 Iguanas - Percy, Penelope, and Vlad. We have spoken numerous times about Iguanas not being good pets so thought we would share with you something that happened two weeks ago to Claire, one of our team.

Claire would provide daily care for Vlad who came to us because of aggression issues. Vlad has to be medicated twice a day as he has heart failure. Claire had found that Vlad had been more aggressive than usual that week (this could have been down to mating season) however would still proceed in giving him his medication to ensure he is getting all the care needed. On this occasion when Vlad was getting his medication, he jumped onto her hands and would not let go. This severed her tendons and nerves in two fingers and also broke her knuckle. Claire has undergone 2 surgeries and is being monitored to see if any more are required.

Regardless of this trauma, Claire is eager to get back to work and continue caring for our reptiles!

Wishing Claire a speedy recovery, from all of us at Hopefield.