Bonbon's visit to Tari Vets

Bonbon's visit to Tari Vets

Bonbon the Quaker Parrot had to pay a visit to Tari Vets recently to have his beak re-shaped as it was chipped.

The procedure went well and Bonbon is now happily back in his large aviary at the sanctuary. Thank you Tari Vets for helping him and providing our animals with a fantastic service as always.

Tari's are currently running a fundraiser where for every new client who quotes the code HOPETARI, a donation will be made to Hopefield.

The donations will be made monthly, and will be calculated as follows:

  • Cat spays & castrates - £5
  • Dog spays - £15
  • Dog castrates - £10
  • Consultations & vaccinations - £5
  • Dentals - £10
  • Natures Menu Food - 5% of sale total

We are confident that the money raised through this initiative will provide significant help to the animals at Hopefield during the winter when the sanctuary is closed to visitors.