Benji's Rough Week

Benji's Rough Week

On Friday 6th November, Benji had Colin, which resulted in a vet being called, and he was diagnosed with an impaction. He was given fluids via a tube through his nose, straight into his stomach, and given pain relief overnight.

He seemed comfortable and by Saturday morning he was kicking his door for his breakfast! The vet came back later that day to check on him. After examination, he was still impacted and was given fluids again.

On Sunday 8th November, Benji was eating and happy in himself, but he wasn't pooing. Monday came around and the vet was called out again as poor Benji still hadn't pooed and was looking uncomfortable.

After examination, we discovered that the impaction had moved to a more difficult place, and he also had a displacement. The vets said we had no choice but to admit him into the practice for monitoring. He was given fluids every four hours to try and help him. At this point we were told he had a 50% chance of survival. Staff loaded him onto the trailer with the fear that they would never see him again.

Over the next few days, the vets kept us up-to-date on Benji's condition, but it was still unclear if he would ever come home. On Wednesday, we received the news that the impaction had finally cleared. The vets kept him in overnight to see if he could handle food without any complications.

And on Thursday, we received the good news that he could finally come home! He arrived looking rather happy to be back. We would like to say a special thanks to Ana, and the rest of the team at House & Jackson for the devoted care they put into Benji.

16th November 2020