Why animal sanctuaries are the best places to bring kids to

If you’re wondering where to see animals in Essex then we’ve got some good reasons for why it should be an animal sanctuary…

Most kids love animals, and while there are no shortage of places to see animals in Essex, when it comes to a day out that’s ethical, educational AND fun, then an animal sanctuary should be top of your ‘things to do in Essex with kids’ checklist. Here’s why:

It’s the ideal opportunity to speak to your children about animal welfare

Animal sanctuaries like Hopefield Animal Sanctuary provides visitors with the opportunity to see birds, reptiles and animals who might not have had a great start in life, but who are now in an environment that demonstrates how rescue and rehabilitation works. We have an education room, and a visitor centre as well as lots of information around the sanctuary explaining how our animals came to be with us, and while some of our residents stories are very sad, children love seeing how they have been rescued and given a happy, forever home with us.

It’s a great way to teach children about charity

Hopefield Animal Sanctuary is entirely funded by the public’s generosity and funds generated by visitors. As a charity we completely rely on goodwill, and this is always an important life lesson to demonstrate to little ones. By visiting the sanctuary, and others like us, children can see firsthand how 100% of their entrance fee helps to save and better an animal’s life. We also offer animal sponsorship which is another way children love getting involved with us as a charity.

It’s fun!

We’ve made Hopefield as family friendly as we can, and while the main focus of a visit to us is to meet our rescued 600+ animals, birds and reptiles, we’ve also got some added extras that we know will put a smile on the kids’ faces! We have a brand-new playground, a soft play bus (open on selected dates and also available for birthday parties), an activity barn with arts & crafts, plus plenty of space (53 acres of it) for the kids to run off some energy. Please do note, however, that we’re NOT a petting farm, and unlike some other places where you can see animals in Essex as part of a profit-based venture, all money generated at Hopefield goes back to keeping and caring for our animals. We do, however, have some rather wonderful Ethical Animal Experiences you can book for anyone age 6-years and older! Choose from Pig Tickles, Pony Glow-Up, Donkey Date, Cow Cuddles or Sheep Shenanigans for an activity sure to please.

It’s a good excuse to get outdoors

Many sanctuaries, including ours, are located in lots of green space, which makes it the perfect outdoor destination. We’re lucky enough to have LOTS of land and no matter what time of the year you come, it’s always wonderful to be outside with nature. The sanctuary is especially a hit with kids when it’s been raining: we have excellent puddle and mud jumping opportunities here! Screens and gadgets are forgotten here at Hopefield while kids keep busy with good old fashioned outdoor adventure.

It helps to raise awareness for the sanctuary

No matter what sanctuary you visit, by coming along and supporting us this in turn helps us to promote ethical animal treatment and well-being. Not only is your visit really important to us, but you’re also helping to raise awareness for us by sharing your experiences online and with friends and family. The more people that support us, the more we’re able to help those furry, feathery and scaly creatures who need us most.

We hope that you will come and visit us soon for all of the above reasons! We’re an affordable place to see animals in Essex and while we might not have the all singing, all dancing pull of other destinations in the area, we are proud that everything we do is done with animal welfare in mind. Come and find out for yourselves and start making some Hopefield memories!


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