Reasons For Animal Lovers To Be Happy About 2022

Animals play such a big part in the lives of people all over the world.

Animals play such a big part in the lives of people all over the world. We all love our pets and would do anything to make them happy.

However, over the last few years, the stories from the news have seemingly shown nothing but updates about environmental disasters. This may have left animal lovers a bit scared about the future of their furry friends.

But you shouldn’t be too scared. 2022 is a year for animal lovers to be happy – and here are some of the main reasons why!

The return of the Spix’s Macaw

The Spix’s macaw is a type of bird that has a gorgeous blue plumage. Sadly, it has been 20 years since this bird has been spotted in the wild. It has almost been on the very verge of extinction due to hunting, illegal trade, and the destruction of its habitat. This has meant that the overall numbers of this animal have decreased over the years, to the point where it has been nearly impossible to spot it.

However, 2022 is set to be the comeback of this gorgeous bird. A new population of Spix’s macaws has been bred by a German NGO. Right now, the number of birds has increased to 180. All of these birds have been deemed as healthy. Therefore, it is very likely that this number is going to increase in time.

Vaquitas & extinction

If you have been considering ways to donate money for animals, you may have been figuring out what shelters and animal causes need your funds the most. However, you may not have heard of vaquitas. Vaquitas are little porpoises that belong to the same family as dolphins and whales. They are marine mammals and have little dark patches on their lips that make them look like they are smiling.

Unfortunately, illegal fishing has lowered this population, to the point where it is very likely that they will become extinct very soon. It is a sad situation, but there is hope. 10 vaquitas have been discovered in Mexico. They have been deemed to be healthy and will continue to survive as long as illegal fishing is stopped. That is positive news for this species in 2022!

Whale rescued

Another piece of good news that will make an animal lover smile is the fact that a 12-meter-long whale was rescued from an illegal fishing net. The humpback whale was entangled in a fishing drift net, and it took a team of Spanish divers to rescue it. This story has a happy ending, and the whale was successfully rescued.

The Animal Action Awards

The UK hosts an event at the House of Lords every year called The Animal Action Awards. These awards are used to commemorate the achievements of animal lovers who have done something to help with animal conservation and welfare.

If you are an animal lover, you may want to use these awards as motivation to bring some good to the world of our furry friends. Most of these people are unsung heroes and deserve to have their achievements recognised.

You can also nominate animals who have done something amazing to change the lives of their owners. So, if you know anyone, or any type of animal, who deserves this award, make sure to nominate them!

Baby bird season

As we have slowly moved from spring to summer, you may notice that baby birds are becoming the prime focus of organisations like the RSPCA.

Right now, the RSPCA is focusing on how you can help smaller birds, whether they are recently born or fledglings. This is extremely useful if you are interested in helping in small ways throughout 2022. So, you can do your part to help animals in small ways throughout the year.

Dog Lovers Festival 2022

You may already know that thanks to the pandemic, a lot of dogs are currently looking for their forever home. If you have already done your part to help dogs find somewhere to live for the rest of their lives, you can also have some fun with your pet by visiting the Dog Lovers Festival 2022.

This event in early August is for animal lovers who want to go and enjoy some music with their dog in Derby. Being able to spend time with your dog in this type of environment is a great way to help it understand different sights, sounds and smells. You will bond together and have a lot of fun in the process. So, make sure to give it a try!


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