Legacy Giving

Help heal a Hopefield heart by remembering us in your will.
By leaving a gift to Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in your will, you’ll be helping us to save more animals in need, like Juliet.

Legacy Giving

Every gift, small or large, will go directly towards the care of our 600 animals, and to saving even more animals that desperately need our help, like Juliet…

When Juliet arrived at the sanctuary, she was just skin and bone, riddled with worms, and in a terrible state overall. Someone had even thrown bleach over her which left her badly burnt. This was one of the most horrific rescues we’ve had at Hopefield. We started intensive treatment, and slowly but surely, she got better and has now grown into the stunning horse you can visit today. 


Leaving a gift in your will is so easy! 

All the information you need for your solicitor or person drafting your will is: 

Charity name: Hopefield Animal Sanctuary and our Charity Registration Number: 1181186

It really is as simple as that! Then your advisor can agree the words and type of gift which suits your circumstances. 

A fixed sum (e.g. £1 or above)

Part, or all of your estate

Gifted items e.g. property, jewellery, shares

You don’t have to inform us of your intentions to leave us a gift, but we would love to have the opportunity to thank you for your generosity.

We recommend that you seek professional, independent advice once you have decided that you would like to make a will. Here is some information that may help:

• State in your will that you would like to leave a gift to Hopefield Animal Sanctuary.

 Include our full name and charity number to ensure your gift goes to the right charity: Hopefield Animal Sanctuary, Registered Charity Number in England & Wales 1181186.

•  If you already have a will and would like to make any change to it, you can do so by using a codicil form which we can send to you as part of “Our guide to leaving a gift in your will” pack. Alternatively, you can draft a “Letter of wishes” – please just make sure your Executors are made aware of it. 

We are unable to give legal advice but if you wanted to contact us to discuss leaving a gift in your will, or would like more information, please contact Parami on office@hopefield.org.uk. Alternatively, please complete the form below:

Funding Statement - Hopefield Animal Sanctuary, your local animal rescue charity:

100% of our funds come from visitor income, community donations and some charitable trusts and foundations. We rely on the support of our donors, fundraisers, members, sponsors and volunteers to enable us to continue providing appropriate care, protection, treatment, dietary needs and security for all the animals that have a home at Hopefield. 

We do not receive any government funding for any of our costs and so it is vital to us to develop and maintain a diverse range of income to continue our work. This comes from a variety of sources, from our visitors for the day, local businesses hosting bake sales, quizzes or raffles, community groups organising fundraising events, gifts from our shop, food and drink from our café to those leaving us a gift in their will, and everything in between.

Since the pandemic began and with the current cost of living crisis, there has been an increase in demand for us to rescue and home more and more animals who have experienced neglect, abuse, are malnourished or have simply been abandoned. As a result of the lockdowns and subsequent rising living costs, changes in circumstances and pressures due to the economic climate, we have experienced a huge surge in animals needing a safe and happy home. That’s where your support becomes lifesaving.

We need your support to rescue, seek veterinary care and maintain healthy, happy and secure homes for all these animals, who deserve a life full of the love and safety that we offer. Any amount raised, donated or granted is going to help us save the lives of and provide homes for more animals, now and in the future. Thank you.

Our promises to you:

Letter of Wishes - The best way to update your will

The advice below is not legal advice but gives you an overview of some important issues, which might be relevant to you and other family members.

If you already have a will then you can accompany your existing will, with a document called a Letter of Wishes. It is not legally binding but can guide your executors (and appointed trustees if you have them) to ensure your personal wishes are carried out. It gives you great flexibility to meet your current wishes without the need for expensive future changes to your will.

You must take care that a Letter of Wishes does not contain anything that could conflict with the will. The Letter can advise on anything, but most common uses include:


  • Any charities you would like to benefit (giving the Executors the final choice of fulfilling your wish, or not, depending on whether there are enough assets for other beneficiaries).
  • Whether you would like flowers or donations to a charity of your choice such as Hopefield Animal Sanctuary.
  • The style of funeral you want, whether you want burial or cremation, and any specific instructions regarding the service, where you would like to be buried or have your ashes sprinkled.
  • Guiding your executors or trustees on how you would like any money managed, or trusts created in your will to be run. This can be important if you have children aged under 18.
  • Suggesting guardians for your children and how you would like your children to be raised, their upbringing, education, and where they live. These details should be reviewed as the children grow up.
  • Giving more detailed information to help your executors identify specific items you are giving away in your will.
  • A Letter of Wishes should be written in plain English, signed, and dated, but not witnessed to avoid any claim that it has become a legal will or codicil.

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