Sponsor Regina and Ernie

Regina and Ernie

Breed : Donkey

Regina arrived at Hopefield in July 2018 after being found wandering the streets by police. When she first arrived at the sanctuary she had some cuts and grazes, her hoofs were long and it was obvious she was heavily pregnant. After some much needed TLC and having her hooves trimmed, she began to settle in and quickly became a favourite amongst all those who met her. Regina had a check up from Hopefield's vet who said that her and the baby seemed healthy and it wasn't long until she would give birth. A month or so went by and still no foal, so the vets were called to check on Regina. After an examination there were concerns that the foal had sadly died and only a scan would confirm this. We have no idea what she experienced in the early stages of the pregnancy while she was on the streets. Everyone was waiting for the news and a week later the scan showed that there was in fact a living, lazy foal inside who just wasn't ready to meet everyone yet! A few weeks later on September 11th 2018, Regina gave birth to a beautiful little baby boy. 11th September is the anniversary of one of our founders, Ernie Clark MBE, passing so there was no debate on what the baby was going to be called. The next day it was confirmed that he would be called Ernie.

Ernie, like when the vet scanned him, is a very laid back foal. He loves people and would come up and say hello at just a couple of days old. Regina is a brilliant mum to him, and both now live happily and safely at the sanctuary.

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