Sponsor Kiera and Mia

Kiera and Mia


Kiera- Platinum Fox

Mia- Silver Cross

Fun Fact : These guys have eating competitions to see who can get the most food in their mouths

Kiera and Mia are not like your average wild fox. They were bred to be sold like most domesticated foxes in the pet trade. They were rescued from a breeder who did not look after them properly. When Kiera first came to Hopefield she was very sluggish and didn’t have the energy a fox cub should have. After a visit to the vets we discovered Kiera had a tummy infection and ear mites which was making her feel poorly. After some TLC she made a full recovery and is now living happily with her sister Mia. They are nervy animals and do not make good pets. These kind of animals should never be bred for the pet trade.

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