Sponsor Jimbo


Breed : Marmoset

Fun Fact : Jimbo likes to give people evil looks

Hopefield first heard about Jimbo when his owner advertised him on Facebook. He was on his own and living in a small rat cage. When staff went to pick him up his owner told them how his favourite food was chips and gravy. These intelligent animals should not be pets and do not belong in cages. When Jimbo arrived at the sanctuary it took him a while to learn to be a marmoset and eat the right foods. He wouldn’t want to eat the nutritious veg and fruit but after some time he slowly began to eat it. He now lives in a big enclosure which was especially made for him and his three legged friend Oleg. Even though they still have some behaviour issues due to having been kept in a cage most of their lives they are doing well. Jimbo is very nosey and protective of Oleg so you will see him during the day sitting at the top of his enclosure keeping watch.

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