Takara The Tanuki

We received a message from a kind lady who’d rescued a tanuki that was being kept in terrible conditions. She was living in a rabbit hutch, and looked sad all the time. The lady made a temporary enclosure for her, but could not keep her permanently. As tanuki are on the invasive species list, they are no longer allowed to be bred, bought or sold as pets in the UK, and any that find themselves looking for a new home have to go to a rescue. Takara settled into sanctuary life quickly, and has been paired up with Rocket. They get along really well together, and she’s made a great companion for Rocket after he sadly lost his friend, Sophie, earlier on in the year.

takara-the-tanuki exotic pets


When Ned arrived our staff were shocked by his state. After they learnt about Bella, they all put money together to save her too and then a few months later Peggy was born.
Came to Hopefield as her previous owner was rushed into hospital, and could no longer look after her.

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