Scruffy the Guinea Pig

This is Scruffy - he arrived in July 2018, after a complicated passing between homes.

His original owners passed him onto a school which kept animals for the children to look after. When he developed an abscess on his foot, no one was around to give him the extra care he needed over the summer holidays, so one of the staff took it upon herself to take him home to give him what he needed.

After taking him to the vet at her own cost, and the initial treatment didn't work, tings became complicated when she couldn't afford the subsequent treatment that could have resulted in his leg being amputated.

Not wanting him to go without treatment, she asked us to take him. We took Scruffy to our vet who investigated his swollen foot. It was found that the abscess was so bad that the bones had dissolved, and there was no saving the foot.

Scruffy had a very successful operation to amputate his leg, and now enjoys living out the rest of his days happily at the sanctuary.

Scruffy the Guinea Pig