The Lambs

Meet Ursula, Stitch, Flora, BB, Lo, Widget and Po. In April 2019 we rescued 15 lambs from a farm where they were destined to be sent to slaughter. They had not been given the medical treatment that they needed, and all of them suffered from respiratory infections and were severely malnourished. They needed to be bottle fed, along with having 24/7 care, urgent medical treatment and a whole lot of TLC. It was an incredibly difficult journey to health for the little guys as their immune systems were so weak and sadly, out of the 15 that we rescued, only 7 of them survived. Our hearts broke for the little lambs that couldn’t keep fighting, but their brothers and sisters live on at the sanctuary with their spirits in their hearts.



When Ned arrived our staff were shocked by his state. After they learnt about Bella, they all put money together to save her too and then a few months later Peggy was born.
Came to Hopefield as her previous owner was rushed into hospital, and could no longer look after her.

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