Visit Harmony The Horse At Hopefield Sanctuary!

We were contacted by another rescue who brought Harmony’s story to our attention; she was at risk of being euthanised the next day. Her owner bought her online without seeing her and when she arrived, it was clear that she had an old injury to her back leg.

After further investigation, Harmony had actually broken her coffin bone when she was just a day old and the previous owner did not get it fixed. This meant that it healed wonky and she couldn’t be used for what the women wanted her for.

Last minute, the owner found a home for her where she was due to be a broodmare. Unfortunately, once again, her leg made it impossible for her to be used for that purpose. She was classed as not fit for purpose, so they contacted Hopefield to ask if we could offer her a home.

Harmony is only 2 years old and we have given her a peaceful and loving home for life. She can live free and in the company of other horses for up to another 30 years!

Harmony the Horse