Ghost The Snowy Owl

In 2017, we received a call from an older gentleman informing us that his friend had sadly passed away, and had lots of birds of prey that his widow could no longer care for. We immediately stepped in and offered our help to her.

When we arrived to their site, sadly most of the birds were in tiny cages. Lots of them were up for sale, but the ones they couldn’t sell, we re-homed with us at the sanctuary. The animals that came into our care included 2 kestrels, Boomerang the Kookaburra, Percy the Iguana and a very sad-looking Snowy Owl named Ghost (pictured).

Ghost was in a tiny 5ft x 5ft enclosure where he didn’t have the ability to fly around like he would do in the wild. He is incredibly nervous and very scared of people, probably due to how he was raised.

To ensure he is as comfortable as possible, we built him a very large aviary at the sanctuary, where he has plenty of space to fly, lots of hiding areas to get away, but is also set back from the path so members of the public can’t get up to him and cause him discomfort.



When Ned arrived our staff were shocked by his state. After they learnt about Bella, they all put money together to save her too and then a few months later Peggy was born.
Came to Hopefield as her previous owner was rushed into hospital, and could no longer look after her.

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