Welcome to Hopefield…

Pongo the Skunk, Lilo & Rio the Marmosets and Bruce the Goose!

It was a busy week here at Hopefield welcoming two marmosets, a skunk and a goose to the family!

Pongo the Skunk


Pongo the Skunk where to see animals in Essex

Pongo came to us after he took a dislike to his previous owners, and they felt he would do better living with other skunks here at the sanctuary. He’s joined Elvis, Nugget and Spike in our skunk enclosure and we can’t wait to see this super friendly little fella settle into his Hopefield life with his

Lilo and Rio the Marmosets

Marmosets where to see animals in Essex

After the tragic loss of Oleg and Herman during fireworks season in November, we’re so happy that Jimbo, who was left by himself, not only has his two new buddies, Tia and Diego now to keep him company, but Lilo and Rio also joined them last week. While we’ll never not be sad about the senseless deaths of Jimbo’s little family, we’re incredibly grateful that he now has lots of marmoset company again. These sociable creatures really don’t do well alone, and so we were very happy to welcome Lilo and Rio from their previous owners who, despite loving them very much, wanted them to have a more suitable home that could provide for their complex needs.

Bruce the Goose

Bruce the Goose where to see animals in Essex

Isn’t Bruce the Goose handsome? This lovely-natured Toulouse Goose came to us after his goose and duck family at his previous home were all taken by local foxes. His owners felt that he needed other geese to hang out with but were reluctant to get any more of their own after so many tragedies in their flock, so they brought him to us.

That’s all the newbies for now, but keep your eyes peeled for two super cuties that we will be announcing in the next few days!




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