Welcome to Hopefield Tia and Diego the Marmosets

We have two new cuties at the sanctuary, and we’re really hoping they can help mend some broken hearts…

You will have no doubt heard by now that we lost two of our residents during the Bonfire Night weekend: Oleg and Herman the Marmosets tragically died from fright, leaving their third family member, Jimbo, behind.

We’ve been really concerned for Jimbo. Marmosets don’t do well by themselves, and to have lost his best buddies like that has been a lot for Jimbo to cope with. He has barely been out of his indoor enclosure, which is very unlike him. He is always first out to greet anyone who comes his way, but on the rare occasion he has been in the outdoor part of his enclosure he has been looking for his friends and crying.

We had so many wonderful messages of support and love after we lost Oleg and Herman, and one kind gentleman and his family not only read about Jimbo’s plight, but it actually spurred him into getting in touch and offering us his own two marmosets, who he had been considering re-homing for a while. Tia and Diego arrived at the sanctuary last weekend, and we love them so much already – they are the most colourful little characters!

They are being kept next to Jimbo at the moment so that the three of them can get familiar with each other without physically being together just yet. We will be making slow introductions when the time is right, and so that we can make sure it all goes as successfully as possible. We have high hopes that they will become a bonded trio, and while Tia and Diego won’t replace Oleg and Herman, they will certainly help to bring Jimbo out of his grief and provide the companionship he really needs.

Don’t forget that Jimbo is one of our animals available to sponsor, so if you would like to support him and our other residents this way, do head on over to our sponsorship page. Thank you, everyone!



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