Welcome to Hopefield Apollo and Aurora the Screech Owls!

This tiny duo arrived recently and those big eyes already have us mesmerised.

Welcome to Hopefield, Apollo and Aurora! These two screech owls came to us from another sanctuary, and prior to that had not had the best start in life. Owls really should not be kept as pets and all too often they end up having to come to sanctuaries when their owners realise how difficult it is to give them what they need. It is impossible to replicate their wild, natural conditions and we’ll never understand why anyone would want to impose such unnatural restrictions on these beautiful creatures. 

screech owls where to see animals in Essex

Unsurprisingly, screech owls are named for their piercing calls. Their normal territorial call is not a hoot like you generally associate with owls, but more of a trill consisting of more than four individual calls per second given in rapid succession. They might be quite small, but they can make quite an impressive noise.

Apollo and Aurora will live the rest of their lives here now with us, safe and loved.


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