Visit To The Vet

Some of our residents paid a visit to Tari Vets Shenfield yesterday.

Some of our residents paid a visit to Tari Vets Shenfield yesterday.

Oreo, our elderly bunny, had to have a major operation last week to remove a tooth that caused a facial abscess. Due to her age and how long the op was, everyone was worried about whether she would come round afterwards, but she’s a tough old girl and is doing fine. She went back for a check up and clean yesterday, and the vets were happy with how the wound looks. She’s got a long recovery and bless her, she looks a bit of a sorry sight, but we’re hoping she’ll be okay.

Tinks, one of our sulcata tortoises, had to have x-rays and bloods taken after a respiratory infection she was being treated for still hadn’t cleared up. Sulcatas are very hard to medicate, especially when they tuck their head in!


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