Sleep well dear little Millie Moos

It doesn’t matter how many years our animals live, it’s never for long enough.
We have had to say a very sad goodbye to our dear old Millie moos.

If you have been following Hopefield for many years then you may remember this scraggly, scared terrier that joined us 15 years ago. She came to us from a home where she was kept in a cage with kids prodding her with sticks and a German Shepherd that wanted to eat her. Thankfully she fell on her paws when she met Dave and Lianne and loved sanctuary life. She adored greeting staff, volunteers and visitors, and loved playing with the other dogs. She even adopted a few kittens and piglets along the way such was her happy, caring nature.

She lived her best life being a loyal friend and following Dave wherever he was working. In recent years Millie retired from yard life and spent her time snoozing in front of the fire. Unfortunately, in her senior years she developed doggy dementia and even though she coped really well and always wanted her food and favourite treats, it became too much for her in her everyday life and a decision had to be made.

She has left a massive hole in our hearts but it was truly amazing having her in ours lives. At approximately 21 years old she was a treasure to everyone who met her. We will never forget you, Millie. Sleep well, sweet girl.


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