Sanctuary Updates

The team and animals have really been enjoying the milder weather this week; spring is certainly on the way!

The team and animals have really been enjoying the milder weather this week; spring is certainly on the way!

Due to the mild temperature, we have been able to introduce Boo and Blue, the Macaw parrots, to their new outdoor aviary. They had been indoors due to the cold weather. Their aviary is covered at the moment due to bird flu, but they could still enjoy some new scenery. Straight away, Boo was climbing around checking out her new house, while Blue was more cautious and kept close to Lianne for a while!

Blue and Boo unfortunately can not fly. Like so many birds that come into the sanctuary, they have spent their whole lives in cages and didn’t build up the muscles in their wings to be able to fly.

Cody, the ferret, had a wonderful time exploring the sanctuary on his harness! Since his best friend Nobby sadly passed away, Cody has needed some extra TLC to help. Our dedicated animal carers make sure that all our animals are happy and healthy, so they take Cody for an adventure every lunch time! Cody loves to snake through the long grass, bathe in the sunshine and sniff out any worms he can find!

Our resident Coati, Ping, enjoyed a tasty enrichment of a kong filled with honey! He got his long tongue and claws right inside and scooped out the sticky treat. Our animal carers are constantly discovering new things about our residents every day!

Work is underway on our tea room! We are currently creating a new outdoor seating area and a kitchen extension! We will also be introducing a whole new menu for 2021! We are so excited for Max’s Cafe to reopen again so we can share our love of delicious plant based food with our supporters!

The new rabbits, Qwen and Morgan, who arrived at Hopefield after they were found dumped in a field in January, are doing really well! They are coming out of their shells, trusting humans again and are very happy in their new home! It won’t be long until we start the bonding process with one of our other rabbits, Arthur!


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