RIP Simone the Cow

We had to say goodbye to our old lady of the cow field last week, darling Simone.

Saying goodbye to our animals never gets any easier, especially when it’s a big animal with a big character. Darling Simone came to us last year with her ‘sister’ Mildred after their owner died and nobody wanted to take responsibility for them. They were kept shut in a tiny barn for months on end, and eventually it was decided that they were going to be put to sleep. Someone reached out to us at the last hour, and how could we say no? They arrived with terribly overgrown hooves which made walking difficult for them, but after extensive work on their feet they were able to enjoy a whole new lease of life in the big cow field with their friends Arlo, Oakley, Jack, Bonnie and Pumpkin.

Simone was an Old Gloucester Cow, a breed quite rare these days, and was believed to be around 15-years-old, which is quite elderly for a cow. She went over the rainbow bridge surrounded by people who loved her, and we’ll all miss her very much. We will be keeping a close eye on Mildred in the coming weeks as cows do form close bonds so she will no doubt be feeling her own kind of grief at her best friend’s loss.


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