R.I.P. Clover the Rabbit

We had to say a very goodbye to our beautiful Clover.
There were lots of tears at the sanctuary this week when the difficult decision had to be made to let Clover go peacefully and surrounded by love because of a sudden and irreversible deterioration in her back legs. At the age of 14 – which is an exceptional age for a bunny – not being able to be mobile was just not something that would have been fair for this elderly sweetheart.
Clover came to us many years ago when her mum and dad were seen at a fair with a sign saying that they would be fed to Jack Russells if someone didn’t offer them a home… a kind lady took them in but was then overrun with a LOT of baby bunnies, one of which was Clover.
Clover lived a long and happy life here at Hopefield and was the sweetest rabbit. She will be very, very much missed by staff, volunteers and visitors alike. Bounce free now, Clover.


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