Meet Some Of Our New Arrivals

Meet some of our new arrivals!

Meet some of our new arrivals!

Becks the Citron Cockatoo arrived after his owner had a change in circumstances and he needed a new forever home – we had another lone cockatoo, Basil, so introduced the pair, and they’ve become the best of friends

Blossom, Elvis & Eddie the Sulcata Tortoises joined our family last weekend, as their previous owner could no longer care for them due to health reasons. Blossom is very cheeky, and loves to barge her way through the door to go and have a wander

Smaug the American Whiptail Lizard was a stowaway, and was found in a viv after his previous owners purchased another lizard. They didn’t have room for both, so he came to live with us

The total number of animal re-homing requests we’ve received this year so far is currently at 1,109 and continues to climb.


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