Meet our new rescue dogs, Nacho and Bean!

Welcome to Hopefield, Nacho and Bean!
We have two new super cuties who arrived at the sanctuary earlier this week, Bean and Nacho the Chihuahuas! These two arrived unexpectedly and had we not taken them in they would have been put to sleep on 30th January. We’re staggered, quite frankly, that two such healthy, lovely natured dogs would have been euthanised, but this is the harsh reality of the dog abandonment crisis that’s happening all over the country right now.

Rescue dogs Bean and Nacho where to see animals in Essex
We’re taking unprecedented numbers of enquiries from people looking to re-home their dogs and the tragic truth is that there is just not enough shelter spaces to take them. It’s, quite simply, overwhelming. We don’t usually take dogs here at Hopefield, because predominantly we use our space to rescue farm and exotic pet type animals. We don’t re-home the lost souls we take in here, so we don’t have infinite resources or space to take on many dogs, which is why when we take enquiries we usually refer them to a more traditional shelter who can find them new homes. The ones we do have here live on site with our CEO and General Manager, and are last chance saloon dogs with death sentences on their heads.

One thing’s for sure, Bean and Nacho have now fallen on their paws, and while sadly we can’t rescue them all, we can give a lifetime of love to the ones that do come into our care. Please do consider, if you can, signing up for our £2 per month membership club (link below) so that we can keep tackling the tide of abandoned animals, and making a difference where we can. Thank you!


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