Meet our new ambassador: Zayn Malik

We’re so happy to announce Zayn Malik as a new ambassador here at Hopefield, who will help us continue to raise our profile and bring in support for the sanctuary…
We are so thrilled to announce the incredible Zayn Malik as our newest ambassador.
Zayn is a passionate advocate for animal welfare, this is a cause incredibly close to his heart.
Zayn said “Hopefield Animal Sanctuary provides a safe place for abandoned and mistreated animals. They educate the local & afar communities on animal welfare and I’m honoured to be partnering with them to spread their message and save animals in need.”
Our animals thank him so much for joining our sanctuary and helping animals in need.
For more information and to find out ways to support the animals at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary, please visit the ‘ways you can help‘ section of the website.


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