Meet Luna the Lab x German Shepherd

Luna arrived here earlier this week having been scheduled to be put to sleep after no home could be found for her…
SAVING ANIMALS TOGETHER: This is Luna (formerly Roxie) who was going to be put to sleep because her problems were deemed too great for traditional dog rescues to deal with. Although we are stretched for both capacity and resources to take on any more dogs, we couldn’t let her die, so she is now here with us as a foster case – something we rarely do, but how could we not? Especially as she looks SO much like another one of our sanctuary dogs, Marmalade.
Luna, who is a Lab x German Shepherd (two VERY active breeds) needs a LOT of rehabilitation, love, dedication and understanding so we will be working with her intensively in the coming weeks and months. She will also be spayed asap to see if that can help with some of her more pressing behaviour issues. At just 2-years-old, Luna has been HUGELY let down by the humans in her life and it’s going to be hard to undo the damage. We are doing a fundraiser to help lighten the financial pressure we face in order to take on extreme cases like Luna’s, so please do share her story if you can. Any and all pennies sent via the JustGiving link below will go directly towards her care. We will keep you updated on her progress and we very much hope that her journey will be a much happier one now that she is safe with us.
If you are unable to contribute towards this right now then do please consider coming down to Hopefield for a visit. All funds generated by people coming to see us goes back into caring for all of our rescues so not only are you busy doing one of the best things to do in Essex with children, but you’re doing it for an excellent cause too!


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