Hopefield Rescue Stories: Rocky the Cockerel

This beautiful young man has had a rocky start to life, but now he’s safe at Hopefield we hope he’ll make a full recovery.

This handsome cockerel is Rocky, and you might have seen him on our social media last week when we were looking for his owner. This poor chap was found injured and obviously sick wandering in Brentwood, with everybody except the lady who brought him to us ignoring him and his plight. We weren’t really expecting an owner to claim him given his significant wounds and sorry state, but legally we did have to put out the call before we could offer him a forever home with us. As suspected, no body came forwards.

Rocky has a bad respiratory infection which is being treated with two kinds of antibiotics, and his wounds are being cared for on a daily basis by staff with vets keeping a close eye. He’s already come on leaps and bounds, and we quickly discovered he has a bit of a love for his greens! We will continue to update on his progress, and we’re hopeful for a full recovery. If you would like to help towards his veterinary bills and other recovery costs then we have launched a fundraiser for him over on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so do take a look.

If you have been following his story, and touched by his plight then we would ask a small favour… It’s coming up to that time of the year that many schools and nurseries start their hatching programme projects – a venture which ends up in thousands of chicks having no where to live once the classroom project is done. We’re inundated every year by schools looking for us to re-home the chicks that become surplus to their lesson plans, and it’s overwhelming. Please do share our blog with your own local schools and on your social media to help us raise awareness. You can find it right here.

Huge thanks again to the kind soul who rescued him, and here’s to a less rocky future for our little champ, Rocky the Cockerel.



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