Fundraising for Hopefield – RIP Equine Scales

Our equine scales served us well but have sadly now gone to equine scale heaven. Can you help us with a replacement?
We have over 60 rescued and previously neglected equines that are desperate for your help to raise funds for a new set of scales, which are vital for us to maintain the care and needs of our beautiful animals. The scales are essential for us to monitor the weight of not just our horses and donkeys, but also our sheep, goats, alpacas and reindeer too – we need to know their weight to keep an eye on their condition and to be able to administer correct doses of medication as part of their ongoing care. Sadly ours are broken and can’t be repaired, so every penny or share you can help us with is hugely appreciated.

Thank you as always for your amazing support!

The link to make a donation or to help us share is right here.

equine scales fundraising for Hopefield


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