Animal Rescue in Essex: Meet Misty the Rabbit

Our latest arrival, Misty the Rabbit, joined us last week and this pretty girl has clearly not had the best start in life…
Meet Misty. This little girl was dumped at a local rabbit breeder’s house in a box in her garden. Unfortunately the breeder was unable to keep her, and having been told by us (and probably others) that we were at capacity for rabbits, she said she would have no choice but to release her into the wild. Obviously we couldn’t let that happen and despite our resources and space being stretched due to unprecedented numbers of rabbits being dumped recently, our office manager. Sophie, drove out to rescue her. As a bunny mum herself, Sophie was the obvious choice to send on the mission – and to give her her new name.

Misty has clearly been used for breeding, and is not in the best of conditions. She’s very underweight and really quite scared of the world. Whatever her past is, her future is certainly now safe and secure. We hope that by reading stories like Misty’s, you will consider giving breeders a wide berth and adopting instead. There are so many beautiful souls needing a forever home.

Please do note that Misty will be staying at Hopefield with us for the rest of her days, so we will not be taking adoption enquiries for her.


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