Lolly came into our care back in 2014. She was saved by another rescue centre, but they were in a desperate situation as they'd just rescued a large group of horses and weren't able to keep her, so we took her in at Hopefield.

Upon arrival Lolly was dangerously thin, her coat was matted and covered in lice, and she was full of worms. She was also understandably, very nervous and scared around people, so before we were able to treat her we had to gain her trust.

After a lot of TLC from dedicated members of staff and volunteers, Lolly slowly but surely learnt to trust us, and we were able to give her the treatment that she so desperately needed. She soon gained weight, and was nursed back to full health.

Today, you wouldn't think she had such a horrific start to her life. She's a very loving pony, who enjoys not only the company of her horsey friends, but also humans! 🐴🍭