Guide On How To Sponsor An Animal

By sponsoring an animal, you’re contributing to the conservation of both the animals and ecological life.

Animals are present in all areas of the world and play an important part in all ecosystems. Without animals, you could probably expect a less healthy environment, and for the animal lovers out there, more unhappy people. Not only do they contribute to maintaining the environment, but they are also our companions and a means for us to survive.

In essence, animals are important.

Despite their prominence in our lives, animals are often exploited and require extra help to ensure that they’re provided with the resources to keep them healthy and happy. Animal sanctuaries and shelters aim to do this, yet there’s only so much they can do with limited funds.

This is where you come in.

By sponsoring an animal, you’re contributing to the conservation of both the animals and ecological life. Your sponsorship is the extra touch that helps improve the wellbeing of your chosen animal by giving sanctuaries the vital funds needed to enable this.

What does it mean to sponsor an animal?

Sponsoring an animal typically means that you give a specified amount of money either monthly or annually to a chosen organisation of your choice. This can range from charities to sanctuaries, depending on whether you’d like to make an impact on a global or local scale, and what type of cause you’d like to support.

Your donations contribute to the daily living of the animal/s, from its food to its shelter to any veterinary or medical care it requires. You can choose from supporting the conservation of endangered species and their habitats, to the protection and care of neglected and abused animals, to simply the preservation of abandoned pets or animals as they wait for a new, loving home.

If you sponsor an animal, you can expect most charities or organisations to send you a gift pack thanking you for your donation. This could come in the form of a sponsorship certificate and photo of your sponsored animal, as well as regular updates about how your animal is faring.

Whatever your choice, it is completely up to you what project you would like to help finance.

What you need to know before sponsoring an animal

Although you may be able to pay a lump sum for a year, other organisations may only have a monthly instalment option. In this case, you must ask yourself whether you’re able to keep up with the monthly direct debit payments. They’re typically only a small amount, but it’s still worthwhile to consider that you’re committing to a monthly payment.

As an alternative, you could donate a one-off amount if you prefer. Any donation is appreciated and instantly goes towards the animals and their care.

You have the ability to sponsor an animal of your choice, and all animals are unique so it’s a good idea to have a read of each animal’s description and personality to have a better understanding of the animal you’d like to sponsor.

Sponsoring an animal at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary

If you’re still willing to be a sponsor, you can sponsor an animal at our sanctuary at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary. We are an animal sanctuary that has been making a difference in animals’ lives since 1983, rescuing a variety of animals and ensuring that their safety and health are prioritised.

The animals that you can sponsor include horses, cows, pigs, sheep, foxes, alpaca, even reindeer and marmoset, and many more. Sponsoring an animal at Hopefield means that your contribution goes 100% towards your animal in ensuring that we’re able to continue fulfilling their needs.

At Hopefield, a contribution of £30 per year is all we ask for and in return, you’ll be gifted a sponsorship pack that details everything you need to know about your chosen animal and our work at Hopefield. As you make your contribution, you’re also welcome to write a customised message for the special animal that you’ve chosen.

So why not sponsor an animal (or two!) today?

Thank you for your sponsorship

Sponsoring an animal improves both the quality of the animal’s life, and also the quality of your life. Your generosity is greatly valued and will prove to help animals in need be showered in the love and care that they deserve.

When you sponsor an animal, you’re contributing to the overall safeguarding of the animal kingdom – regardless of whether your sponsored animal is considered endangered.

More often than not, animals in sanctuaries have been abused or close to death, i.e. being sent to be slaughtered, so your contribution truly does help to save an animal’s life.


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