Veganuary: 5 Reasons to Try a Plant-Based Diet this January

Veganuary is as good a month as any to try and kickstart a more plant-focused diet.

If you want to see animals in Essex, or indeed anywhere else, then the chances are that means you’re an animal lover. Many of our own rescued animals happen to be from the meat and dairy industries, so while this alone is a fantastic reason to try and bring more plant-based choices into your diet, we’ve got another five reasons up our green sleeves in honour of Veganuary. Why not give it a try?

1. It’s better for the planet

World Vegan Day where to see animals in Essex

There are a fair few reasons as to why switching to a vegan diet is better for the planet:

    • Meat production is the single greatest cause of deforestation globally, with about half of the world’s habitable land being used for animal related agriculture.


    • 50% of the worldwide grain supply is used to feed animals for meat and dairy products. Think of how much less food poverty there would be if these grains were used to feed humans directly.


    • About 90% of the world’s water footprint comes from agriculture, with the industry currently using 70% of all available freshwater. This is because growing the crops needed to feed livestock actually requires significantly more water than we would use for human consumption, or growing vegetables, fruits or legumes.


    • Animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of all greenhouse gases worldwide, and to put this into perspective the animal agriculture greenhouse gas emissions are more than the emissions from all forms of transportation combined!


2. Your health will thank you for it

Studies show that the more meat you eat, the higher your BMI is likely to be. In fact, by moving the focus of your diet away from meat, dairy and eggs, and including more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, pulses, seeds and nuts into your diet, you will absolutely unlock a whole host of health benefits.

3. It lowers the risk of certain diseases

Research shows that vegan diets are linked to a reduced risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer – if this isn’t a great big plus for a plant-based diet then we don’t know what is!

4. We don’t NEED to eat animals

World Vegan Day where to see animals in Essex

There is no scientific evidence to show that humans need to eat meat or dairy products. It’s that simple. Why eat something that has suffered in order to be on our plate when we plain don’t need to?

5. Veganism helps improves your mood

Farm animals are fed hormones to boost growth which means when they are in turn consumed by humans, those hormones are digested by humans too. These extra, unnecessary hormones can affect mood, growth and overall well-being. Vegans are also less likely to suffer with anxiety thanks to a plant-based diet, because fruit and veg is packed with antioxidants, and carbohydrate rich foods like brown rice and oats help balance our mental well-being.

Not sure if you’re ready to make the switch yet? Then do have a look at our blog ‘Understanding Veganism: Tips for Trying a Plant-Based Diet‘. Even if you decide to switch things up a few times a week to begin with, it’s all a step in the right direction for the planet, our health and our animal friends.




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