Hopefield received a call from a older gentlemen saying his friend had recently passed away and had lots of birds of prey that the widow could no longer care for.  We immediately stepped in to try and help.  When we arrived to the site sadly we found many of the birds in tiny cages, most were up for sale but the ones they couldn’t sell we rescued.  Coming to Hopefield were two Kestrels, an Iguana called Percy, a Kookaburra, and a very sad looking Snowy Owl named ‘ Ghost’ .  Snowy was in a tiny 5ft by 5ft enclosure where he could not fly. He is incredibly nervous and very scared of people, this is likely due to how he has been raised.  To make sure he is as comfortable as possible we are having a large aviary built where he can get away from the public and will have plenty of space to fly.