Charlie came to us in May 2016 at just 9 weeks old, after Hopefield manager’s, Dave & Lianne, received a phone call from a lady who’d found him attached to their fence. We do not usually deal with wild animals, but he had been there for 24 hours and nobody else was available to assist. When they arrived, they found him hanging with his front leg bent into the wire fence. They managed to free him, but quickly noticed that his leg was broken.

After calling a vets, Lianne was told that because he’s wildlife he would need to be put to sleep, so she called another vet who kindly offered to see him. Upon examination, Charlie’s leg was dead and needed to be removed. As he’s wildlife, he would not have been able to be released again, but Dave & Lianne couldn’t bring themselves to put him to sleep, so decided that he would remain in the care of the sanctuary and be given a second chance at life. Vets would not normally do the op to amputate a wild animal’s leg, however as he had a home to go to and an acceptable quality of life, they made an exception.

Charlie settled into sanctuary life very quickly, and became best friends with Kiera and Mia. Having 3 legs doesn’t stop him running around his enclosure and playing with his adopted brothers and sisters!