Sponsor Tyler At Our Horse Sanctuary In Essex


Breed: Cob

Fun Fact: He is in love with his best friend Lolly

Tyler was found on a site with 200 other horses, they had been left to starve and were in a terrible condition. A few rescues worked together to remove all the horses from this site. The initial plan was that Tyler and his friend were to come to Hopefield to live out their lives happily and free from the suffering they had endured. Unfortunately Tyler’s friend was so weak from all the neglect that she died on the trailer. When Tyler arrived he was in such a poor condition but it wasn’t until the vet took a blood test that we found out how bad his condition was. Tyler ended up in intensive care for several weeks and we weren’t sure whether he would make it. Luckily with the right care and time he pulled through much to our joy. Tyler has digestive problems due to the neglect he suffered so he lives on a specialist diet. Soon after Tyler came he was then reunited with his other friend Lolly who also came to live at the sanctuary. Tyler loves Lolly so much he will not go anywhere without her and they both love to cause mischief around the herd.

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