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Terrapins - Tortoises

We now have lots of terrapins here at the sanctuary. Most of them came from a cruel pet shop who were found dumping them into a bin. Sliders are now on the evasive species list, so cannot be sold or bred. Films like the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' have made them popular pets for children, despite the risk of salmonella and the fact they quickly out-grow small tanks. They need very strong pumps due to the amount of waste they produce. Terrapins also need good UV lighting to develop properly and most species also need heat and a basking area.  


These are our Sulcata Tortoises. They grow to a massive size and quickly out-grow most runs and vivariums that pet shops irresponsibly sell them with. People don’t realise how big they get, and come to places like us for help. They can easily live for over 100 years so are a big commitment. Slow Coach, our largest tortoise, was kept in a plastic garden shed with the heat lamp resting on him. He had nasty burns on his shell that will never recover. People don't realise, buy they actually have feeling in their shells, so this must have been agonising for him. He now happily lives at the sanctuary with his friends in a specially built enclosure. 

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