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Sponsor Jude

Breed: Friesian 

Fun Fact: He likes to walk through fences 

Jude came to Hopefield with two other Cows , Wonder and Devon from another sanctuary. The previous sanctuary had rescued them on a short term basis as otherwise they would have been killed.  Unfortunately that sanctuary did not have enough land to keep them long term so Hopefield rescued them to ensure there safety !  

Jude is the biggest of all of the resident cows and he is definitely the boss. Jude is very relaxed but he sometimes gets up to mischief and leads Devon astray.  Jude, like the others cows will do anything for food but his absolute favourite is bread.

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Sponsorship Amount

Sponsorships for an animal here at Hopefield are a yearly subscription of £30 and 100% of this goes towards keeping the animals fed, sheltered and showered with love! In return for your generous sponsorship you will receive a wonderful sponsorship pack all about your animal and the work we do here at Hopefield.

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