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Snake - Iguanas - Frogs

Margarine is Hopefield's resident King Snake. She came to us after we found someone trying to sell her online. Sadly she had been kept in beyond terrible conditions, living in a tiny plastic, dirty tub. She arrived at the sanctuary smothered in mites. Margarine's case was the worst snake case we have ever seen. Her health was in a dangerous state, but after treatment and Hopefield’s TLC she made a full recovery. 

This is Vlad one of our Iguanas. He came to the sanctuary after he was brought into an exotic vets, where the owner was trying to get him put down due to aggression issues. The owners didn’t have enough knowledge about iguanas and weren't aware that a male iguana picks up on hormonal changes in women and can turn very aggressive. They also can grow to 6ft long with the right care, so they need a massive enclosure!


Here at Hopefield we take any creature that needs our help as long as we can make room for at the sanctuary, so we can end up with some very unusual animals! A good example is our mossy frog friends. They came to us after the ex owner no longer had time for them so now they live happily with us.

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Sponsor Vlad


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